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Gelcoats are products made of unsaturated polyester resin with appropriate additives. They constitute the outer layer of polyester laminates. With their properties, they make a barrier that protects the laminate against temperature, moisture, UV light, and against mechanical damage. The use of pigments can get finished products an attractive appearance. The coating is resistant to external conditions and also provides a decorative layer.

Gelcoat production technology allows for tailoring the product to the specific needs of the industry whilst meeting its standards and requirements. Our gelcoats are intended for use in industries such as marine, sanitary, transport, railway, construction, automotive and others.

Sarzyna Chemical gelcoats offer excellent resistance to weather conditions and high strength characteristics. The products are available in versions for manual and spray application, according to the customer needs. The colour range of gelcoats is very wide. All RAL colours are available, plus special colour designs as per the customer’s request.