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Epoxy resin hardeners are chemical compounds which in chemical reactions provide spatial cross-linking of resins to yield the characteristics of a chemosetting material.

The right hardener is selected based on the type of resin, curing conditions and the required properties of the finished product. Where formulations containing modifiers without epoxy groups are to be cured, the quantity of hardener should be based on the resin contained in the formulation. Before use, the resin should be thoroughly mixed with the specified quantity of hardener. The amine curing process is carried out at room temperature, elevated temperature, or in a two-stage system, i.e. initial cure at room temperature and post-cure at elevated temperature. Acid anhydride curing is carried out at high temperatures, above 100°C.

There are different types of hardeners:

  • amine hardeners:

– Aliphatic amines

– Cycloaliphatic amines

– Aromatic amines

– Cycloaliphatic amine adducts and their modifications

– Mannich bases

  • polyamide hardeners
  • anhydride hardeners
  • Lewis base and acid hardeners