niebieski piasek


Carboxylated saturated polyester resins are made with glycols and dicarboxylic acids in the esterification process. They are obtained in the form of irregular straw-coloured flakes.

Depending on the intended use, polyester resins are classified into HAA hardened (primid), epoxy hardened (hybrid) and TGIC. The resin with the hardener constitutes approx. 50-60% of the powder paint, acting as the binder. The other constituents of the paint are, for example, mineral fillers, pigments and various additives.

Powder paints can be applied using the Tribo or Corona method. After the paint is applied on the component, it should be put into a cure oven for a specified time. The typical curing temperature range is 150-200°C.

Powder paints do not contain solvents, which makes them environmentally friendly. During application, no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are released, as is the case with traditional liquid paints.

Paints based on polyester resins are characterized by high resistance to chemicals, weather conditions, excellent adhesive and anti-corrosion properties, high durability and good appearance of the surface.