We support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

We support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

On Sunday, January 30, the 30th final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place. Lerg Group has also been involved in the collection of funds for saving the lives of  sick people , especially children.

This year, apart from traditional auctions, the LERG Group race fans were also involved in the action. A team consisting of Lerg, Sarzyna Chemical, GTX Hanex Plastic and Izo-Erg employees ran in the 16th RUN OF THE WOŚP “COUNT UP WITH DIABETES”, to help in collecting money for the purchase of insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. Our runners, who were not deterred by the unfavorable weather conditions, covered a total of 200 km – congratulations!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has been playing for 30 years

The aim of this year’s collection is to ensure the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment of eyesight in children. The collected funds will be used to purchase, among others a two-plane angiograph for the treatment of retinoblastoma – the most common malignant neoplasm of the eyeball in children, ophthalmoscopes for the examination of the fundus, slit lamps for the diagnosis of the anterior segment of the eye, tonometers for measuring intraocular pressure (cornea and lens), microscopes, operating tables and many other equipment and devices, which will go to ophthalmic departments and clinics all over Poland.

The declared amount for the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is PLN 136,282,325.

More info at: https://www.wosp.org.pl/